Another twitter-esque match report

1 08 2010

Liverpool were all at sea im Deutschland versus new promotees [citation needed], Borrussia Monchengladbach as the English heavy weights were made to look like English welterweights in a 1-0 loss. Although Liverpool gave Steven Gerrard and Joe Cole an hour long run, it was their defense with a mixture of unsure and creaky legs that gave away the only goal of the game.

Roy Hodgson has a lot of work to do if he has to put together a team that will take on Arsenal in about 2 weeks time, what with Torres still having his menstrual periods and not being able to decide whether or not to stick around and Mascherano with his hand on the door knob.


Rabotnicki vs Liverpool FC – Preview

27 07 2010

I am completely clueless as to who will start in Liverpool’s premature season opener on Thursday and so heres my team:

All I can hope for is Aquilani and Lucas start with maybe Shelvey and most probably Jovanovich getting a chance. In case the club doesn’t sell all it’s promising youngsters (along the lines of Emiliano Insua ), we might see El Zhar, Pacheco, Ayala and Kelly starting. Or if Hodgson ‘confers with his sports scientists‘ and feels that the Europa league opener is well worth the risk of playing Gerrard et al. (et al. hoping that Torres stays), we might see a senior team.

As for the game itself, anything including and upwards of a 0-0 draw would be considered a bonus, I would think.


24 07 2010

I am back after a two month hiatus during which several things academically important were completed. However, I will soon be off for a month long break. So this post is meant to whet your appetite particularly if you have sufficiently medicated yourself.

Positive things have been occurring at LFC. After the signing of Milan Jovanovich and Joe Cole to bolster the club’s attacking capabilities, all I need is for Fernando Torres to stay like Steven Gerrard has for they are destined for great things at Liverpool and it is only a matter of time (read probably this year) that Liverpool are up among the best again.

“Predictions so early in pre-season?” you ask? Sure, why not?! Move over citeh, get out of our way spurs and Arsenal and Chelsea and United (BARF)! The Liverpool juggernaut is here!!!! Ok, a little too corny but you can’t blame my enthusiasm as LFC has a new found attacking aura (on paper at least) and a new manager in Roy Hodgson. So what if Mascherano want’s out? So what if we don’t have a left-back (YIKES!)? So what if Gerrard is pushing 30? So what if Gillet and Hicks (DOUBLE BARF) are still in power? At the end of the tunnel, there is a light. Although I must admit that last year, this aforementioned light was actually a mean locomotive comprised of Spurs, Citeh, Villa et al. steaming down and crushing Liverpool. But that was last year. This is a new year and a new season!

Here’s looking forward to the English Premier League 2010-2011 and not so much the Europa League 2010-2011. Now, I must go and run my 8-10kilometers for the week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a stream for Liverpool’s preseason match against Swiss outfit, Grasshoppers today.

The special one does it again!

22 05 2010

Two teams with tremendous histories met in this years Champions League final. A final sans english presence but for the referees. Internazionale under the aegis of the special one, Jose Mourinho locked horns with Louis Van Gaal’s FC Bayern Munchen.

An energetic first 30 minutes had all the trappings of a close game in the making with both sides having an equal number of opportunities to broach the opposing defense. Sneijder had two good corners for Inter while Bayern Munchen had Robben marauding ahead with dangerous intent.

It was Inter who would break the deadlock five minutes shy of the 40 minute mark through an important strike by Milito, who has found himself among the goals with threatening regularity – his 5th champions league goal in 11 games. It didn’t help the German team that they were missing Ribery who was suspended for this game.


Scuzi! (Milito Scores)

Sneijder and Milito linked up late in the first half to construct yet another goal but the Bayern goalie, Butt, was up to the task and earned his paycheck by disallowing an incipient rout from taking place. The one minute of stoppage time saw Bayern try incessantly to puncture the steadfast Inter defense but fail. However, this beautifully set up what could be a mouth watering second half.

Bayern Munchen were relentless in attack in the second half as they should have been. Inter weathered the early storm well and even produced an attack of their own that elicited a spectacular save from Bayern goalkeeper, Butt. The 35 year old goalie was none too happy about his frequent involvement in the game.

Bayern continued to toil hard while Inter were not too shy in their attacking forays either. Munchen made the first substitution on the hour with Miroslav Klose coming on for Hamit Altintop, the latter clearly being an ineffective replacement for Ribery.

Robben got Inter goalkeeper to keep his shot out soon. It was becoming  obvious that Bayern Munchen would need to rely on some Arjen Robben magic to get them back in the game. Dejan Stankovic, meanwhile was being readied on the sidelines to make an appearance for Inter. He came on for Christian Chivu, the left back, who was on a yellow card after all.

Milito Again

Abruptly, Diego Milito got his second goal of the game from a mundane counter attack. With only 20 minutes to go, Bayern were condemned to being 2 goals down with little hope of a return.

Inter made their final change as Suli Muntari came on for Goran Pandev. Little happened between then and the end of the game. The three minutes of stoppage time were probably the longest for both sides, for opposite reasons. Milito came off to rapturous applause as Materazzi replaced the hero of the hour.

As the final whistle blew, Inter were virtually hypoxic as a result of their jubilation! The special one had done it again!

Internazionale! Champions of Europe!

Is it over yet?

9 05 2010

By the time I could access an online stream that worked, it was close to half time. However, it didn’t take me too long to realize that Liverpool have been quite pathetic this season and they seemed to continue to ebb away even in this game against Hull City!

This was further bolstered by the fact that 4th placed Tottenham had 2 goals in by 42 minutes in their match while Liverpool had probably their first chance, that too a dispirited effort by Agger that was hit into row Z from about 5 yards out. How the once mighty (Liverpool) have fallen.

Disgusting is one word that comes to min. I also am beginning to comprehend the reason for Torres’s petulance this season. I suddenly can empathize with him.

…And then my stream went down again.

Whence I got my live stream back I was treated to some more of Liverpool’s unimaginative game play with Hull posing more of a threat that they did in the first half. The only energy emanating from the Liverpool side was the gaffer, Rafael Benitez, traipsing about in the ‘strategic area’, that too with a somnambulant pace.

You know what, I don’t even want to write about Liverpool’s last game.

Officially no more fourth place

2 05 2010

Only in an alternate universe.

Liverpool wrapped up their final game at Anfield for this season through yet another listless performance for which the Europa league exit is sure to be blamed for.

Despite an emotional Europa league semifinal exit, I expected the Reds to show some tooth here. But it was not to be as Drogba capitalized on a bad pass by Gerrard, in the first half and Lampard put one into the net in the second half to keep Chelsea in pole position and firm favorites to take the title next week.

As for Liverpool, it was a disgusting performance and they were largely disinterested in the proceedings. There were some surprise inclusions in the team for the reds as Aquilani started again but was not half as effective as he was in midweek.

Ho-hum, one more week to go but I just don’t care anymore. I think the fat lady has left the building after her ear drum piercing aria.

For a transcript from a live blog hosted on the wonderful,  click here.

Liverpool v Chelsea – Preview

1 05 2010

I’ve not been getting any blog posts churned out off late because there exists on the horizon, a distinct possibility, that I’d be taking a major step towards graduation through a dissertation proposal defense which I should get done with soon (~ 2-4 weeks time).

This preview comes amidst the innumerable reports that Rafael Benitez might be on his way out, possibly to Juventus and that Dirk Kuyt might follow him out through the door. I don’t know how much truth exists in that but I would only assume that it isn’t entirely untrue.

Liverpool’s match against Chelsea, in the early kick-off on Sunday, would be the cynosure of several eyes which would include Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Aston Villa and the board of directors of Juventus. The reds would be quite tired, physically and emotionally, after their loss to Atletico Madrid which resulted in their ousting from the Europa league, the only minuscule chance of redemption that existed this year. Chelsea on the other hand would want to fortify their pole position and would like to beat Liverpool blue (pun intended) to help them in the said fortification which would keep their noses an inch or so ahead of Manchester United.

But the question to ask is, are Liverpool going to throw in the towel on the back of the trials and tribulations that they’ve faced this season or would they go in for the kill and go for the throat akin to a wounded animal. It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. Of lesser probability is the hope of matching my team sheet with that of Rafael Benitez’s. But I’ll try:

Possible starting line up against Chelsea.

I am unsure of whether Ngog would be fit for the game and even if he is, if he would start in Kuyt’s place. The latter didn’t have the brightest games or the best latter half of the season, for that matter.