Is it over yet?

9 05 2010

By the time I could access an online stream that worked, it was close to half time. However, it didn’t take me too long to realize that Liverpool have been quite pathetic this season and they seemed to continue to ebb away even in this game against Hull City!

This was further bolstered by the fact that 4th placed Tottenham had 2 goals in by 42 minutes in their match while Liverpool had probably their first chance, that too a dispirited effort by Agger that was hit into row Z from about 5 yards out. How the once mighty (Liverpool) have fallen.

Disgusting is one word that comes to min. I also am beginning to comprehend the reason for Torres’s petulance this season. I suddenly can empathize with him.

…And then my stream went down again.

Whence I got my live stream back I was treated to some more of Liverpool’s unimaginative game play with Hull posing more of a threat that they did in the first half. The only energy emanating from the Liverpool side was the gaffer, Rafael Benitez, traipsing about in the ‘strategic area’, that too with a somnambulant pace.

You know what, I don’t even want to write about Liverpool’s last game.



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9 05 2010
One Too Many Mornings….. «

[…] of 6th place and a an even shorter vacation to look forward to. With a good portion of our squad off to the World Cup this summer, there’s going to be a lot of tired legs and tired minds by the time next season […]

10 05 2010

The relegated Hull youngsters looked more imaginative than our wealthy and experienced players. It wasnt pretty watching it and the media is going to be a major irritation in the off season.

10 05 2010

You are right. Sad state of affairs this.

10 05 2010

I think as fans we can only hope that an investor comes in and is willing to take the risk of buying the club with all the debt though i dont know which financial institution is going to be willing to refinance the debt. There’s an interesting discussion going on at about Rafa staying or going and possibilities for the next gaffer if he does leave.

10 05 2010

You really think Mourinho would come in? What with the lack of funds and all. And broken promises by LFC so far. And sub standard players. And only the Europa league to play for.

Sounds like a job for Mourinho though, innit?!??!

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