Officially no more fourth place

2 05 2010

Only in an alternate universe.

Liverpool wrapped up their final game at Anfield for this season through yet another listless performance for which the Europa league exit is sure to be blamed for.

Despite an emotional Europa league semifinal exit, I expected the Reds to show some tooth here. But it was not to be as Drogba capitalized on a bad pass by Gerrard, in the first half and Lampard put one into the net in the second half to keep Chelsea in pole position and firm favorites to take the title next week.

As for Liverpool, it was a disgusting performance and they were largely disinterested in the proceedings. There were some surprise inclusions in the team for the reds as Aquilani started again but was not half as effective as he was in midweek.

Ho-hum, one more week to go but I just don’t care anymore. I think the fat lady has left the building after her ear drum piercing aria.

For a transcript from a live blog hosted on the wonderful,  click here.



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2 05 2010
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue….. «

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2 05 2010

will someone please think of the children?

2 05 2010


2 05 2010

its the end of a very depressing and distressing season mate lets just hope we bounce back in the off season

3 05 2010

Yes, lets hope we bounce back in the off season and keep the momentum hence gathered.

3 05 2010

Yes.. the children.

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