Birmingham City v Liverpool: I am at a complete loss!

4 04 2010

Set aside the glorious goal from Steven Gerrard to mark the beginning of the first half, Liverpool were mostly noncommittal, reminiscent of their match against Manchester Utd in particular.

I didn’t know what was surprising: my online stream dying or Rafael Benitez substituting Torres for Ngog much to the surprise and quizzical looks on Torres and Gerrard. Ngog would then go and miss two glaring chances  after his introduction and one in stoppage time that could have allowed Liverpool to regain the lead.

It is one thing that you get done in by bad refereeing (as seen most recently against Benfica) but this was ridiculous. Liverpool’s highly ineffectual play galvanized Birmingham City who just got ebullient as the match progressed. Suddenly, Liverpool were playing like a relegation threatened team trying to rescue a single point against a team that they would have put to the sword last year.

Benitez needs to get his priorities right: Is it Europa League glory that they are after or a Champions League place that would actually fit their status. If this choice isn’t clear, then we need a major overhaul of the coaching staff as soon as this season ends. But of course! Liverpool can’t financially afford it!



2 responses

4 04 2010

we always make hard work of the Brummies .. 8 matches in the EPL and Rafa still hasn’t taken full points ..

4 04 2010

Yes, Brums have been the proverbial bitch.

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