No beachball to save Sunderland! LFC 3 – Sunderland 0

28 03 2010

Liverpool came into this match at Anfield versus Sunderland certainly hoping that there would be no beach balls around. But, it was Sunderland who had all the worrying to do within the first 180 seconds.

Torres got his sixth goal in four matches with a swirling, swerving cross that against all probability and rationale was headed towards the back of the goal to put Liverpool 1-0. An early goal along the lines of that against Manchester Utd.

Fly me too the moon and let me play among the stars!

From then on, Liverpool consistently piled on the pressure that Sunderland somehow contrived to weather in a barely effecitve fashion. There were chances for Agger, Gerrard and two long distance half-chances for Mascherano, in the first 20 minutes.

There were several corners in Liverpool’s favor resulting from the several waves of attack that the Liverpool contingent had committed themselves to. It was an ‘in your face’ approach that Liverpool have lacked.

Now that we have nailed down the principle finding of this season that Liverpool have been less than vivacious in attack I find it an opportune moment to comment on Aquilani’s continued absence from the starting eleven.

Sunderland tried to expose Liverpool’s defensive frailties with a few counter attacking runs before the half hour but it was to be futile for the black cats.

The incessant pressure that Liverpool piled on Sunderland paid rich dividends. A sixth corner for Liverpool found it’s way to Glen Johnson who pummeled the ball into the net with the goal keeper rooted and stunned by the belter. It was now looking to be a very good day for Liverpool. 2-nuthin’ to the reds! And Steve Bruce might as well try and find the beach ball that scored the goal for Sunderland, way back in October of 2009.

As the game moved towards half time, further volcanic pressure resulted in a double chance for Torres which he expertly hit at the post and skied the rebound.

The second half saw Sunderland move forward with greater intent given that they were looking at a two goal deficit and a third or fourth would damage them psychologically and not as far as the points table goes.

Just as Sunderland tried to squeeze their way into the game, Torres spoiled the party for them with a beautiful goal under pressure from a splendid pass from Johnson. At this stage, I could not envision Sunderland to fashion any sort of a comeback, particularly as they were bludgeoned by jeers from the Liverpool half of the crowd about a certain beach ball. And quite rightly so!

I was happy to see that Liverpool displayed an insatiable hunger for the fourth goal having put the result beyond doubt! This is what champions are made of. I was also happy to see that Aquilani came on for Dirk Kuyt to suggest that there would also be a possible.

As the match further progressed to the inevitable conclusion that there were no beach balls this time around to save Sunderland, David Ngog came on for the supreme destroyer, Fernando Torres. Nabil El Zhar  and came on for Steven Gerrard who had a better day but could still improve.

The only time that Sunderland actually threatened was when Reina had to concoct a diving save to parry a rather strong shot on goal by an unidentifiable Sunderland player. Ah it was none other than ex-Liverpool player, Zenden!

The three minutes of stoppage time did little to improve Sunderland’s predicament as Ngog failed to make it 4-0 in Liverpool’s favor. this was an important victory for Liverpool who would want to continue in the same vein for their next 6 matches.



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28 03 2010
Reset the Breaker….. «

[…] men hugging? What's wrong with that? Well, Old Fat Head couldn’t put one over on us today. No beach balls to save you this time. 3-0 over Sunderland and the Kop was just rockin’. I’m not sure […]

28 03 2010

now all we need to do is carry this momentum into the trip to Portugal .. midweek matches are always hell ..

28 03 2010

Yes and to top that, it’s an away match in Portugal. I think we might see a 4-5-1 formation away to Benfica and a 4-1-3-1-2 at Anfield in the follow up game.

But I am getting way ahead of myself now!

31 03 2010

I’m a little worried about Benfica. They’re kicking some ass in Portugal this season.

31 03 2010

You are right. Hopefully Liverpool will come back with a RESULT from this game. Even a draw can go a long way in securing a semi-final spot given that the 2nd leg is at Anfield.

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