The race to fourth place

21 03 2010

The race to fourth place is all but over for the red half of Liverpool. Some would say that the proverbial fat lady had actually left the building a week ago when we lost to Wigan. I was strongly of the opinion that a positive result today would have stoked the remaining dying embers that are Liverpool’s chances of a fourth place finish but Liverpool have probably thrown water on the said embers with a watered, somnolent display.

Unless we have a miracle, Liverpool would


e plying their once attractive football in the Europa league, much to the chagrin of the Liverpool faithful. This would in turn affect their exchequer and, god forbid it, but it might lead to the exodus of players.

I think it is a given that Albert Riera is on his way out. Dirk Kuyt has failed to make an impression in the last couple of weeks or so and has looked a shadow of his former self. Gerrard has looked completely out of sorts as if he were in a foreign land and was asking for directions with disastrous results. Torres, despite being involved in a glut of goals, has looked a petulant child. As for Rafael Benitez, his days seem to be numbered and probably the only thing that will keep him at Anfield at the end of this season is the massive payoff that would need to be doled to him in case of a premature termination of his contract.

Liverpool will take on Sunderland this weekend. I would like to say that it looks like 3 points are for the taking but given Liverpool’s recidivist attitude this season, I would not like to make sensational predictions in their favor!



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