Liverpool are poor at Old Trafford

21 03 2010

Can’t watch this anymore. Liverpool’s season has sucked balls, no pun intended. Just when I thought they were getting themselves out of a pit that they dug for themselves….

Is the thought that went through my mind with just about 2 minutes of stoppage time to go and Liverpool trailing by 2 goals to 1. Torres had a brilliant header in the beginning of the match to put Liverpool ahead but couldn’t do the same in the dying stages with an open goal mouth. Rooney had dragged Manchester Utd back into the game from a rebound goal from a saved penalty which was as a result of some theatrics from Valencia. Sun-Ji Park did do well to put Utd 2-1 up after the break when he caught the Liverpool defense being complacent about his presence. This lack of defensive stability has yet again resulted in a loss for the team from Merseyside, their tenth of the season.

I hate it when Liverpool lose but when the lose to Manchester Utd, it is simply the worst feeling that I have in the pit of my stomach.



One response

22 03 2010

All down to defensive frailty? I’m starting to wonder if Gerrard should be allowed to leave with funds used to rebuild the squad?

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