Liverpool unhinged Portsmouth. Win 4-1

15 03 2010

25 minutes. 25 minutes is how long it took for Liverpool to expose the Beckham-esque Achilles heel that is Portsmouth with 3 goals between then and minute # 32! Having said that, the first half was just what the doctor ordered to restore Liverpool’s waning confidence and also the confidence of their fans in the team itself!

Steven Gerrard played a major part in all three goals by Fernando “El Nino” Torres, Ryan “Yippe! I’m in the starting eleven” Babel and Alberto “Insert witty comment in Italian” Aquilani. As the commentators astutely put it: the cork had just been popped!

The second half beckoned and Liverpool took the field with vigor unseen in the last seven or eight months. After all, it was the first time the Liverpool contingent had scored 3 goals in a game in the last six months!

The second half saw Liverpool play in a more mellow, watered down fashion for they had proverbially unhinged the Portsmouth defense with their triple strike in the first half. The potshots at goal were however taken and the Portsmouth goalkeeper, James Ashdown, did his best to keep further goals out.

With 35 minutes gone after Liverpool’s 3rd goal of the game, Martin Kelly was getting ready to come on for Johnson, for his Premier League Anfield debut and immediately made a positive impact in winning a corner kick. Steven Gerrard was the next to come off with less than 20 minutes to go after taking a wild elbow swing at the now completely beleaguered Portsmouth captain, Martin Brown whose vehement petulance in the wake of Gerrard’s exit did little to incite a response from the referee.

The petulance from Brown was persistent for another contentious foul (contentious in Portsmouth’s view) given. The foul was dispatched swiftly by Mascherano and passed positronically (?? bad attempt at wordplay !!) by Aquilani and taken full advantage by Fernando Torres who scored his second of the game and Liverpool’s fourth. David Ngog came on for Torres at this juncture, which was surprising as Torres would have liked a hat-trick round about now!

Portsmouth did get a consolation goal in the 89th minute. This did possibly sour Liverpool’s rather sweet nectarine of an effort tonight.

Liverpool had plenty of positives to take from this match. Particularly the arsenal of runs that Ryan Babel and Aquilani had in their repertoire,and Pepe Reinas solid effort in front of goal, barring the single aberrant goal that Portsmouth did get,  but given Portsmouth’s defensive frailty, it would be incorrect to read too deep into this 4-1 result.

All in all, the Liverpool half ware quite happy and did their goal difference no wrong at all. Here’s looking forward to the next two crucial games on their agenda: Liverpool v Lille on Thursday (18th March 2010) and the big one: Manchester Utd v Liverpool on Sunday (21st March 2010).



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