Lille OSC vs Liverpool FC – Preview

11 03 2010

The once illustrious Liverpool FC have been left to ply their trade in the lower echelons of European football as they take on Lille OSC in France tomorrow. This is touted to be a tricky test of Liverpool’s character; in other words, a test that Liverpool wouldn’t really like and can do well without. And that is exactly what Liverpool should try to do. The only way out of this is to go ahead and attack Lille.

Although it might not seem so, but attacking football used to be Liverpool’s forte until the turn of 2010 or a little before that. It’s been a while since they scored 3 or more goals in Europe, a very frequent feat for the reds under Rafael Benitez last year.

In Lille’s favor is their recent run of European form. They have lost just once in the last 16 home matches played in Europe and have, more recently, won 5 out of their last 6 home games in European competitions. This statistic doesn’t bode very well for Liverpool who, although have an equally superior record in Europe, and particularly in France, but have suffered a rather fretful fate at home, a fate that has  spilled over into other competitions they have played in so far.

As a Liverpool supporter, I hope and wish for a Red victory in France for I am well aware of what Liverpool are capable of on their day. In my opinion any score line with a two goal margin in Liverpool’s favor should see them progress to the next round. But, given the embarrassing run of form that the reds have had to endure, we will have to wait and see how tomorrow’s Europa league encounter unfolds.

NOTE: I have a sneaky suspicion that Ryan Babel, who has showed much fervor and improvement on the field, might get a rare start tomorrow and might start on the left flank.



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