Wigan V LFC: Preview

6 03 2010

With all due respect to Wigan Athletic and their fan base, this is a game that Liverpool should look at and say to themselves “We’ve got three points and a couple of goals to get from this match”. Given Liverpool’s superior record against their opponents who are on the brink of being labeled “relegation-threatened”, it should be a cinch. I know what most people think about the nature of statistics and how they may be twisted to benefit one party, the said stats are quite positive in favor of the reds.

Torres is back for the reds. Gerrard seems to have found his feet again. Dirk Kuyt has been dangerous as ever plus he has the best goal scoring record against Wigan. The fact that Liverpool have had 21 AWAY clean sheets in all competitions just adds to the ominous shadow that Liverpool cast on their opponents, Wigan.

There will always be naysayers and they will remind me of Liverpool’s shortcomings when faced by set-piece situations. It is, however, my strong belief that with less than a dozen games to go, it is time for Liverpool to make the final push. Their ambitions have been cut short this season and are not as lofty as pre-season predictions. But whatever the case may be, the Champions League qualification for next season beckons and lets face it, the premier European competition will not be the same without the awesome force that is Liverpool! YNWA



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