Tevez, Given win match for City

19 01 2010

I thought it’d be a good thing to focus on the Carling Cup as that would direct this blogs attention on things other than the gloomy state of affairs at Liverpool.

It was the first leg of the Carling Cup semifinal and Manchester City were pitted against derby rivals, Manchester Utd (a.k.a scum). I really can’t write much about the first half what with the clunkiness of ESPN 360 but it was quite even-steven with sprightly old man, Giggs getting the opening goal for Utd and Carlos “I hate Man Utd.” Tevez getting the equalizer for city from the penalty spot.

The second half was riveting and Tevez struck for the second time to put City 2-1 up against their arch nemesis and possibly future Premier League rivals (if city continue to play as well as they did today for the next season or so…). From then on it was last year’s champions, Manchester Utd vs Champions League spot hopefuls, Manchester City. It was Alex Ferguson’s crew vs Roberto Mancini’s glut of “previously want-out” variegated team. But mostly, it was Wayne Rooney vs Shay Given and it was the heroics of the latter that helped preserve the 2-1 lead that City take to Old Trafford in a weeks time in what promises to be one of the best Carling Cup semifinals in a decade or so.



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