Liverpool throw lead away at Stoke

16 01 2010

Liverpool are presenting a classic case study on “Further escalating troubles” as they managed to throw away a 0-1 lead in the 90th minute and allowed Stoke City to clinch a single point from the game with themselves being denied what could have been a crucial win. With 6 changes from midweek’s encounter, Liverpool fielded what was predominantly a defensive team with as many as 6 defenders and a further 2 defensive midfielders in Leiva and Mascherano.

Maxi Rodriguez was given a hurried debut in the 75th minute with Aquilani coming on too. Liverpool looked a broken side throughout the match and although Kyriagkos got his first goal for Liverpool to put the reds 0-1 up, the persistent droop that they’ve displayed in recent weeks was lifted only mere millimeters. And then came the dagger through the heart as Stoke City scored of a corner, in the 90th minute as Liverpool’s set-piece-diarrhea continued. Kuyt almost won the match for Liverpool in a desperate literal last second header to only see the post come to Stoke City’s rescue.

Rafael Benitez is living on borrowed time and I can’t really see how long this will continue even though there is a large severance package that the Liverpool board room would need to pay him if he were to be removed from service. I am at a complete loss of words and don’t have it in me to hope that Liverpool finish 4th.



2 responses

16 01 2010

Stick a fork in Liverpool for they ar surely done. Kuyt almost had the match winner in the end . Damn post was in the way. Man U is hurting as well too.

16 01 2010

Liverpool aren’t really done what with everyone around them flalopping and flurbling all over the place. Maybe they’ll be done after the next match as far as 4th place goes, if they don’t win.

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