Liverpool exit Champions League despite win

24 11 2009

Liverpool’s Champions League progress will be curtailed this season as they will not progress to the knock-out round this season. Despite securing a 1-0 win away at Hungary, a similar score line in Fiorentina’s favor.

Debrecen’s fate was written in stone even before the start of this match and Liverpool’s after the 90th minute. A 4th minute goal that David Ngog scored in Kung-fu style decided the game for Liverpool. Steven Gerrard played 90 minutes of the game with the help of a painkiller administered before the game.

There were hardly any positives to be gathered for Liverpool from this match. Although the scoreline suggests a good clinical performance, Liverpool did have the knickers in a twist a few times in the match and only Debrecen’s lack of class and predatory instinct kept the scoreline in the favor of the reds.

Liverpool will look to end their hollow Champions League season with a Pyrrhic victory at in their next match against Fiorentina.

NOTE: Aquilani made an appearance, although brief in the 90th minute to Replace Gerrard.



2 responses

24 11 2009

This was a day late and a dollar short. If even Fiorentina lost or tied the Reds would have needed to win in December. Remember Fiorentina kicked Liverpool’s butt 3-1 in Italy.
There is a positive side to this loss. Now Liverpool can get out of its rut. Fire Rafa. Bring in a new manager.

24 11 2009

Nay, I don’t think thus. We must stick with Rafa this season. Things will only get better. LFC will finish at least 4th irrespective of what critics say. I think getting chucked out of the CL has opened new doors: They can concentrate on the League, FA Cup and the Europa League.

It is up to LFC to convert this into opportunity and win a trophy whether or not it is as coveted as the EPL!

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