Different kind of Balloon incident!!!

17 10 2009

Not really the Balon d'Or. http://www.soccernet.com

The reds, sans their marquee players, Gerrard and Torres, were quite ineffectual against a less than Premier League quality Sunderland. Liverpool went 0-1 down in the 6th minute thanks to an extremely unfortunate incident involving the ball being deflected by a stray balloon of all things! Liverpool had a few corners to stage a comeback but somehow (read: lack of Gerrard et al.) lacked the tooth. By the way, a relatively unknown commodity in Jay Spearing was standing in for Stevie G.

To Liverpool’s credit,their strike quintet of Benayoun, Kuyt, Babel, Johnson and Aurelio did try hard to pull one back and it looked like it was a matter of when the reds would score… At least thats what I hoped! The first half ended with the score still 1-0 in Sunderland’s favor with Liverpool only getting in a few weak kicks.

The away side (Liverpool) had little to boast about in the second half as Reina and the goal post kept the goal deficit to the 1-0 minimum instead of a 3-0 embarrassment. Liverpool’s defense held on steadfast but with no inspiration in the “business end” of the pitch, it looked dark for Liverpool and Benitez’s days just may seem to be numbered.

With 20 minutes to go Benitez threw in Voronin and Mascherano for the debutant Spearing and Skrtel with hope of injecting some zest. Another substitute introduced into the fray to get a goal and get Liverpool’s fading title race into some sort of recovery was David Ngog. The sand was trickling quickly for Liverpool. The last four minutes of the game saw the ball concentrated in the Sunderland half but barring a few pot shots at goal, Liverpool did little to restore parity and looked more and more like mid-table team.

There were 7 minutes of added time(!!!) giving Liverpool a lot of time to still launch an attack or three. The 7 minutes of added time saw Liverpool almost squeeze a goal through if it wasn’t for the vigilance of the Sunderland goalie.

If Liverpool keep up this sort of pallid performances it would be quite safe to say that their title dreams for the 2009-2010 season are done and dusted with. Although Gerrard and Torres are talismanic, their absence was no excuse for Liverpool to not get even a single goal in a match that was a 100 minutes long.

The match was full of controversy which included a beach ball getting the decisive goal, a spat of words between the managers, 7 minutes of added time and two injuries but what will stand out is Liverpool’s inadequacy in front of goal.



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18 10 2009

you dissapointed me dude!
I was reading your blog for last few weeks(thanks to indieblogger) and i thought you are a Liverpool supporter with decent footballing knowledge and make some reasonable observation for the matches involving Liverpool.
But in this post u reffered Sunderland as “a less than Premier League quality”.
Now thats an offence.I mean how do you call a team with the likes of Bent(u know how many he’s scored this season.Don’t you?),Jones,Cattermole(one of the best CM in the league),Richardson and Zenden in their team.And you do know about their recent performances,i hope(they’re above Liverpool in the table).Even they were better against Chelsea untill they conceded a penalty.
I wonder which league you’ll play your team without Torres and StevieG,featuring Babel,Ngog,Voronin,Lucas,Kelly ?
(i don’t mean to be personal here.just what i thought after reading your post)

18 10 2009

Well in LFC’s defense, you named a good half a squad who are “integral” to LFC. I think if you knock half of any team, even Man utd, they would be lolling around in the Championship.

In the premierleague it probably takes a single goal or a single person at times to change a teams fortunes from “Relegatees” to top four.

As for the Sunderland being less than Premierleague quality, I do apologize for that as only time will tell..

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