Liverpool vs Debres… who???

16 09 2009

The Champions League is back and Liverpool took the field against Debrescen, the latter who I had not heard of before, I put my faith in Liverpool getting a 3-0 win with at least a 2-0 lead at half-time. With Benayoun impressing over the weekend with his hat-trick, Benitez had him playing right side of midfield with Kuyt playing behind Torres, in the hole (which off late, I would imagine has been Gerrard’s position).

Debrescen could inflict only psychological damage.

Debrescen could inflict only psychological damage.

Liverpool had a few chances in the first half but it was turning out to be ‘one of those days’ when the Reds would push, push and push but to no avail. To the frustration of Liverpool, round about the 30th minute Debrescen got very adventurous and it almost paid of if it wasn’t for Reina’s good stop. My 3-0 prediction looked as bad as a forecast of snow in the summer!

Kuyt scores only goal of the game.

Kuyt scores only goal of the game.

Half time was upon us with just a single minute of stoppage time. However, this proved to be enough as Kuyt put Liverpool 1-0 up from a Torres shot that was saved by the goalie; and I breathed a sigh of relief!

The second half started with Debrescen scurrying around with intent. Liverpool matched every move in the few opening minutes of the second half with even a shout for a penalty thrown in! As the match progressed Liverpool kept the ball in the opposing half and Gerrard almost got a trademark cannon on target; just a few inches too high! However, in general, both teams had strangely switched off with a few half-chances (mostly half-hearted chances) falling to Liverpool in the 62nd minute.

As the match progressed close to the 65th minute, Riera and Benayoun were going great guns on both sides of the field. This resulted in a clever little nutmeg from Benayoun that almost had the Debrescen keeper in a sweat which was averted by a corner in Liverpool’s favor. By the 75th minute, Liverpool had accumulated a corner-tally of 7 and Carragher was taking potshots at goal!

The match was drawing to a close and Liverpool were making no effort to dispel the fear of them conceding from corners and setpieces! This match is a classic example that a 1-0 lead is never enough as the opposition always has a chance. So far, for Liverpool’s good fortune, the current opposition lacked the class to take advantage of Liverpool’s regular drops in concentration.

Babel came on for Riera — the former must be getting a little too used to the bench these days! To Babel’s credit, he created a clear chance for Benayoun with a burst of pace with Benayoun not taking full advantage of the situation. Liverpool still stay 1-0 and Babel was staking a claim for the starting line up. With just a couple of more minutes to go, Masceranho who was out of the team with an injury replaced the in-form Benayoun as Liverpool looked to defend, defend and defend.

In stoppage time, Liverpool used up their last substitution, Fabio Aurelio, as a temporizing strategy as the match ended with Dirk Kuyt’s goal keeping Liverpool’s nose ahead.

The goal for Liverpool was: Kuyt (45+1)



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1 10 2009

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