Liverpool lose the plot

24 08 2009

I certainly hoped that this would be a game of two halves as Liverpool huffed and puffed and gave the ball away a lot. in the first half This resulted in a goal to Aston Villa of a free kick coming of an out of sorts Lucas Leiva. Things were to get worse for Liverpool as late into the first half, a visibly irritated Pepe Reina invited trouble by kicking the ball away in a fit of petulance resulting in a yellow card. The petulant display by Reina which was directed towards the award of a corner to Aston Villa was not worth it as not only did it draw a yellow card but also Villa’s second goal of the night right in front of the KOP.

Liverpool now needed to get 3 goals to keep their season on track as they went into the second half. The dressing room was surely no pretty sight at the break as Rafa Benitez would have let fly. Liverpool were coping with the absence of Xabi Alonso in a very ugly manner indeed!

Liverpool look terrible at half time.
Liverpool (in Red) fell flat on their backsides at half time.

The second half started with Liverpool needing to really turn the heat on. But status quo was maintained until Torres’s breakthrough in the 73rd minute. It looked like there was some hope for Liverpool but just as I thought so Gerrard gave away a penalty and Aston Villa capitalized through Ashley Young hence posing an insurmountable two goal deficit for Liverpool with just about a quarter of an hour to go. With five minutes to go, Liverpool were running like they were all blindfolded and were looking around for something black in a room that was sufficiently darkened with at least two dozen heavy curtains.

With the kind of performance Liverpool put in, in my opinion, they have lost the Premier League quite early in the season.



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