Spain demolish while Brazil escape

15 06 2009

Its been a while since I last posted here as I have been quite busy over the last 6 weeks as I close in on the completion of my Master’s degree. However, the world of Football or as the country I currently live in refers to it, Soccer, has been anything but quiet. A couple of rounds of world cup qualifiers were completed over the last week or so and the highly forgettable Confederations cup commenced in South Africa, the country that will host World Cup 2010.

The two notable matches of the opening stages involved Spain demolishing New Zealand and Brazil almost falling to the redoubtable Egypt. In the former encounter, the kiwis were never given a chance to breathe as the Liverpool contingent of Spain went on a rampage in the first 25 minutes of the game to put the score at 4-0 with Torres getting a hat trick, the first ever of this competition, in about 15 minutes. It was certainly the rampaging bull trampling over the hapless flightless kiwi!

In the other encounter, Brazil came close to being humiliated by African champions Egypt in a humdinger of a match which was decided 4-3 in favor of Brazil through a stoppage time penalty that almost didn’t make it in! It was as if to restore Brazil’s supremacy, the soccer gods contrived to pull the former world champions through.

New Zealand would be nursing some injuries and so would Brazil as a 4-3 score line is nothing short of disaster for the men in Gold!



2 responses

15 06 2009

Read my Blog Bobby Gee
Brasil plays that way. It’s part of the culture..Trust me on this one.

16 06 2009

Yeah, you are quite right.

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