Black’burned’!!! aka Liverpool 4 – other team 0

11 04 2009

After an embarassing 3-1 defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday at Anfield, it was business as usual here as the premier league has suggested this season. Liverpool once again prevailed demolishing Blackburn Rovers 4-0 in the process.

Due to a miscalculation of time zones, I missed Liverpool’s first half which provided half the action, at least in terms of goals with Torres getting a salvo in the first half hour. It is to be noted that Gerrard was on the bench with an injury. The second half was notably slow as Blackburn seemed to have thrown in the towel. It was Daniell Agger’s return to first team action and he marked that with a humdinger of a goal in the second half which leaves us wondering if Liverpool are making a mistake by keeping him away from first team action. Agger has provided more goals than Carragher, Skrtel and Hyypia put together although he can work on his  consistency and injury-proneness.

It was a great return to glory for Liverpool after their Champions League disaster. Their next match would mark the umpteenth time Liverpool play Chelsea in the Champions League over the last couple of season and the reds would want to turn the 3 goal deficit over with an Istanbul-esque performance!



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