Digging up the Villa

22 03 2009

Liverpool celebrate their 5th goal. Picture: ESPN Soccernet

Liverpool celebrate their 5th goal. Picture: ESPN Soccernet

Dear Mr Ferguson,

As you would have expected, we are not giving up until the fat lady has left the building. So there.

Your’s Truly,


That was certainly what Rafa was penning down in his notepad when Liverpool put their 3rd goal past Aston Villa. A five star Liverpool side put 5 goals past the Villans and surpassed Chelsea in points tally and Manchester Utd in goal difference. It certainly isn’t over yet as Manchester Utd still have a game in hand which  Liverpool would hope that the former mess up like they did so by imploding at Fulham!

The game started full of energy with Liverpool making their intentions clear from the word GO! This paid of in rich dividends as the Reds capitalised through Kuyt’s volley from a Steven Gerrard free kick in the 8th minute. Aston Villa were playing well despite this early setback until Reina’s looooooong ball was half volleyed impressively by Albert Riera for Liverpool’s second of the half. Five minutes later captain fantastic AKA Steven Gerrard slotted home a penalty to take Liverpool 3-0 with 7 minutes to go in the half.

It wasn’t over yet. In the 49th minute, SG brilliantly put away a free kick past the flailing hands of Brad Friedel. After the turn of the hour, SG got his hat trick, 5th goal in 2 games and Liverpool’s 5th of the day with yet another flawless penalty to allay any doubts.. if any… any at all of any improvement in the Villans debilitating situation!



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