Liverpool thump Newcastle Utd

28 12 2008

I was wrong. I was wrong about Newcastle Utd in my previous post. I was under the impression that they would make life a little more of a struggle. It was quite the other way round. Liverpool put 5 goals through the geordies’s net. It could well have been 9-10 goals if Shay Given hadn’t made the other 4-5 spectacular saves in the first half.

Goals from Hyypia, Babel, 2 from Gerrard and a clean penalty from 2nd half substitute Alonso sealed the win for the reds.  At 2-1 at the end of the first half, it looked like ‘Game on’! However, it was not to be a comeback for Newcastle that they would have hoped for during the half-time break.

To think Liverpool didn’t need the services of Robbie Keane, Riera, Torres and for a large part of the game, Alonso, it looks pretty good for Liverpool who will stay top of the table irrespective of the outcome of Chelsea’s game at Fulham in a couple of hours time.

The transfer window has opened up again and I would like to speculate that a certain Michael Owen might be making his way back to Liverpool sooner or later!



2 responses

28 12 2008

i doubt Owen is coming back to Anfield. His loyalty has been questioned by many people. If u ask me, i rather have Heskey back. 🙂

28 12 2008

Yes, I did hear about the Heskey move. He might be useful coming off the bench. However, I do think Liverpool can still find a role for Owen if he chooses to move back.

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