Hull breach Liverpool

13 12 2008

If Liverpool need to foster any hopes of changing their status from ‘First Division Has-beens’ to ‘Premier League champions’, they would need to win against teams like Hull unlike today. Hull was dominant in the first half of the first half which saw them go 2-0 up in front of the KOP. Jamie Carragher chipped in for Hull city with his second own goal of the season!

The customary heroics from Steven Gerrard restored parity by the 32nd minute of what has been called the ‘unrelenting first half’ by ESPN Soccernet. The second half saw Liverpool get their usual dozen shots on goal with no success. Eventually, they settled for a 2-2 draw at Anfield, which has been one of the many frustrating results that the Reds have had to stomach this season.

If Chelsea win tomorrow at home against West Ham, which is pretty likely, Liverpool will see their slender 1 point lead hew away. Come Monday, we might see a new league leader who would want to keep Status Quo unless Liverpool really pull up their socks which needs a considerable lot of pulling and should have been pulled up to the knees a couple of weeks ago!

So, is this going to be Liverpool’s season? Highly unlikely if Liverpool don’t get rid of this nasty habit of not putting lesser teams (no disrespect to Hull as they were clearly quite the opposite of being a ‘lesser team’) away!



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