Liverpool vs Fulham was no classic

22 11 2008

It was slipshod and poor: Liverpool’s performance against a Fulham side who were nothing special. A dull 0-0 draw ensued as Liverpool sans Stevie G huffed and puffed but were thwarted by a Fulham defense which wasn’t even trying hard enough in the first place.

The introduction of Xabi Alonso was not fruitful because it was made in the 65th minute. Although Alonso did display his usual pristine range of passing, the Keane – Torres partnership upfront failed to gel. It was as if they had just come of a rather nasty divorce-like situation and couldn’t stand looking eye to eye!

Luckily for the Reds, the Blues (Chelsea FC) managed a 0-0 draw which was a little more energetic and the beleagured Arsenal side lost 3-0 to Man city. It remains to be seen if Manchester Utd are able to capitalise of these slip ups and close the gap on Liverpool and Chelsea. I personally hope that they don’t!



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