Why so serious? PART I

22 07 2008
Although the title of this post seems like its been ripped off from the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, an although the title has been ripped off off the new Batman movie, I am sure it will tingle in our memories for years to come!

I am off to see The Dark Knight today! I have been waiting for this movie for a long time! Surprisingly (surprising to me, i.e.), this movie is the ranked #1 in the top 250 movies on IMDB! The movie is supposed to have disturbing elements to it, which I will mention on my other blog.

Why so serious???….
…. “Why so serious??”? I am serious because my vacation has almost come to an end!!!!

He he he he he he he he

Really dark post, this one!

###Correction, 20th Jan 2009: Dark Knight no longer rules the roost at IMDBs’ top 250!



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