18 07 2008

I suffer from Astigmatism. Those of you who aren’t familiar with it, please click the word which has a cleverly concealed link in it that would take you to Wikipedia’s entry on astigmatism. I’ve suffered from it for over 10 years, in my left eye. Yes, my left eye is astigmatic, if there is such a word.

Hence, as a corrective step, the left eye lens of my spectacles (“glasses” for a few) has a cylindrical lens with an axis (well, all cylinders have to have an axis). I have also suffered from insufferable optometrists. For those of you who don’t know who an optometrist is, I can’t help in that regard. Partly because I am confused and can’t make up my mind on whether to use the term “optometrist” or “oculist” as there is a slender line dividing the two terms and thanks to my astigmatic left eye, this line is a blur.

Coming right back to the point. I’ve never had enough luck with the opto… er ocul…. er …. the eye-guy. Every time I go to him/her to get my eyes tested and lens replaced, I get the wrong prescription. This jinx has been following me steadfastly for over 8 years!

In the last couple of days, I was revisited by this optical demon and I’ve had to replace the lens from my glasses twice! That is because both the optometrists got the axis of my cylindrical left eye lens wrong! That has caused me a lot of psychological and physical grief! I’ve started doubting all of human kind and have almost lost faith in the local eye-guy.

However, my dilemma was resolved when an other optometrist surmised that I might be suffering from an extremely rare condition which causes the axis of one’s eye to change rather frequently!!

What am I to do now? Well not much I guess. Currently my left eye seems to like a 60 degree axis in the spectacle lens and the previously stated grief has been at bay. Hope it stays there.




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