My first blog on “WordPress” is not cliched!

4 06 2008

Just like the title reads, I will make a sincere effort in not having a cliched blog! I have been a blogger for 4 years on blogger. Recently I ran into “WordPress” when I searched for blogs on the new Bangalore international airport which is creating waves back home in India.

Over the last 4 years, my blog on blogger hasn’t garnered any rave reviews and has hardly had a mention anywhere in cyberspace unless I search for it on a one of those ego search sprees we all indulge in. So when I came across Wordspress, I said to myself “Hey! Why not have a blog on wordpress as well and see how things go?!”

I am not here to sell my wares… ok that came out very wrong! Let me rephrase, I am not here to hawk my stuff but I will alternate my blog entries between Blogger and WordPress.

Most of my blogs are about Life, Music and Football (soccer) and I would like to see if my witticisms on the afore-mentioned topics draw any gawks from people here… or brickbats. Either way. Here is my blogger page.

So until next time, which I hope is very soon, Chow!



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20 06 2008

Independent Liverpool FC Website

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